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Vitamin and Mineral Therapy


Vitamins and minerals are still the raw material of healing. They are substances the body is most familiar with, and knows exactly how to use. In suitable doses, their effects are wide-ranging, and the benefits can be astonishing. For infections, vitamins and minerals together with herbal or homeopathic preparations give the body the extra resources to deal with infection by itself in its own way. And for everyday infections, they can work surprisingly well.


Chronic illness responds well to natural medicine, beginning with a good diet. The vitamins, minerals and other nutrients present in food gradually fortify the whole system until it can function without support. But many of us have become so deficient over the years that we cannot get enough nutrients from food alone, so, vitamin and mineral supplements are required to speed recovery.


A naturopathic program and a suitable diet can support your individual requirements.


Such a program can rapidly boost your vitality.


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