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  • John Gemmill

Take care this Winter the traditional Chinese medicine way

In Chinese medicine winter and especially the shortest day (21st June) represesents the most Yin time of the year. Traditional Chinese Medicine holds that it wise to harmonize the way with live with the seasons and this will in turn help us to be more healthy and balanced.

Winter is also the time in Chinese medicine when it is important to nourish our Kidneys. The Kidneys, as in understood in Chinese medicine are associated with our bones, hearing, mental function, knees and also through our defensive qi, with a healthy immune system.

Our Kidneys energy can be readily damaged by any activity done excessively or extremely without opportunity for replenishment. This can include things like prolonged workload or stress, excessive activities like drinking or drug-taking.

We can nourish our Kidneys by taking time to look inward, with prayer, meditation, writing and other forms of self-reflection. Tai Chi and Qi Gong are also excellent practices at this time. Herbs and acupuncture can also be used to invigorate and tonify the Kidneys.

Also we can adjust what foods we eat to help nourish our Kidneys. Generally season foods are always better and also at this time foods should be cooked at a lower heat for longer.

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